Final Workshop of the European Project B-IMPACT

On Thursday, March 23 from 10 am to 14, the Final Workshop of the European project B-IMPACT (Bronze-IMproved non-hazardous Patina Coatings) will be held at the Fair of the Conservation, Technology and Promotion of Cultural and Environmental Heritage in Ferrara. The workshop will describe to researchers, protective coatings producers, conservators, restorers, and all stakeholders the relevant results obtained in the project as regards the development of non-toxic coatings for bronze artworks exposed outdoors. The developed coatings are based on fluoropolymers, sol-gel and silanes, these last also providing controlled corrosion inhibitor release. The coating effectiveness was assessed on patinated bronzes, which reproduce both ancient and modern works of art and the formulation toxicity was determined by proper standard tests. A “Test Kit”, containing a silane formulation developed by the Ferrara research group, a patinated bronze sculpture and specific application guidelines, was prepared to be sent to restorers of different countries, in order to get back the restorers’ feedback.

The program of the Workshop is available on the Web:

Participation in the workshop is free, but registration is requested at: